About the Founders

Joslyn & Brittney Rae

Joslyn & Brittney Rae are dedicated to spreading WELLNESS LOVE! The dynamic sister duo from Aurora, Colorado created FIT & NU, LLC in Spring of 2015 with the mission to help busy women, like themselves, create healthy habits.

They got their start after realizing that their individual wellness passions (turned businesses) would be a perfect marriage for a greater movement. Joslyn was running her mobile cold-pressed juice company – Pure Heart Juice, while Brittney Rae was teaching Zumba and hosting “Brittney Rae’s Bootcamp” in neighborhood parks. They combined the two concepts of FITness training and NUtritious offerings to create what has now evolved into FIT & NU™.

FIT & NU™ provides sustainable functional FITness and NUtrition training, coaching and tools for their members to achieve total wellness, making this their last stop on the wellness programming train. FIT & NU™’s vision is for women to embrace the power they have to positively influence their families and communities to LIVE WELL.

Though bootcamps in the park and juice subscriptions are no longer part of FIT & NU’s concept, Joslyn & Brittney Rae believe that their integrative habit-based programming and approach is really something special. They believe that it will soon compete with the top habit change programs in the nation, servicing the most busy women of color.

Joslyn & Brittney Rae are well-traveled and proficient Spanish speakers. Their experiences abroad attributes to the success of their culturally sensitive approach when creating custom programs for their clients of different origins and backgrounds. Their team is diverse with many fluent in different languages. This is what makes FIT & NU™ a safe place for non-English speakers, more relatable, and overall energized with culture!

“People of color are 6 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than the white population in the U.S.  This statistic is a thin line between life and death, and even thinner for women of color. This is why helping busy women of color prevent and eliminate diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke through simple lifestyle changes is our motivator.
Although the boutique fitness and nutrition club is open to all, we take a keen interest in making a big impact in the health and fitness industry because women of color are often under-represented in the wellness world as being “fit,” as well as have the most health disparities compared to white women in the U.S.
The challenge is the wellness industry is well….so “white”. The opportunity is that their are women out there who desire to be directed on a path to good health but are unsure of where to go where they’d feel welcome, how to start or the best way to sustain it.” 
– Joslyn Reese, Co-Founder