Learn the top 8 things every new member should know after joining FIT & NU fitness and nutrition club!

1. Training with your FIT Coach requires energy. Always fuel your body with a small serving of protein + optional healthy fat 15 minutes to 2 hours before your workout. No fruit or grains before your workout tho. No. No. No.

2. After a workout replenish the muscle glycogen you burned during your workout. Eat protein with lots of veggies + fruit and/or a starch. Starch (grains, bread, pasta, potatoes) only AFTER a workout.

3. Classes fill up fast! Do your best to enroll into your training sessions (12 hours +) in advance + cancel when you can’t make it to open up a spot for those who may be wait-listed.

4.It’s about PROGRESS, not PERFECTION. Creating healthy habits is a process that you must trust. It requires patience with yourself. More victories are won when reaching for progress than perfection.

5. We don’t do weight loss, we do fat loss. Your monthly body composition analysis should take the place of your scale. Your weight does not define your true progress nor does it define you.

6. Our approach is habit based. You have to be ready and willing to work on the mind in order to change the body.

7. Your coach’s job is to keep you accountable. Your job is to do the work. You only get out what you put in.

8. You Personal Wellness Plan (inside of the FIT & NU Coach app) is the calendar of activities designed to elevate your healthy habit formation. It’s updated monthly with your NU Coach during NU Check-ins. Work the plan and the plan will work.


Find more tips, answers to frequently asked questions and membership policies and procedures here.


Runners, on your mark!🏃🏽‍♀️

Before you “GO,” get your body SET for a stress-free run with a proper foam rolling (aka “myofascial release”) sesh.

It’s recommended that runners complete this version of a “self deep tissue massage” 5-10 minutes before your run, then 5-10 minutes after your run to keep your structural integrity intact. This will help reduce any inflammation in your overused muscles and facial system, increase range of motion for a better, more flexible stride, plus blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

⚠️ Foam rolling the IT Band is NOT recommended if it is inflamed. Roll out corresponding muscles that contribute to the IT Band’s tightens instead. These muscles are the glutes and thighs (inner and outer).