We know just how complex our body types can be (slim, curvy, thick, athletic, round). Knowing where you fit in can help determine the best eating style and workout plan for you. We want to help you find your dominant body type and teach you how to use what you got to get what you want.

Coaches track your results and show you how your body composition is changing. During each NU Check-In, your NUtrition Coach highlights positive changes in your muscle and fat mass and identifies problem areas to target along with balanced and simple actions for you to practice — right away.

Learn More About Body Composition Analysis


Once your body type is identified, your NU Coach will work with you to plan what a balanced plate and workout routine should look like in order for you to reach your goals. Whether the plan is to gain weight, lose fat or maintain – you will learn your daily goal of protein, carbs and fat. Plus, receive the best workout and techniques for you to practice at home, outside of the sessions with your FIT Coach.

To stay connected to your plan. You can access your workouts and personalized eating guide anytime from your smartphone inside our habit formation app, FIT & NU™ Coach by Trainerize.


Let the journey begin! You’ve got the knowledge, a plan and an all-star Wellness Squad, so all that’s left to do is to ACTIVATE! Your FIT and NU Coaches are here to support you LIVE – in-person or virtually – as you begin FITness training and NUtrition coaching, plus receive social-emotional support with the help of some amazing members.

Throughout your journey we make it our duty to keep you equipped, empowered and engaged. We understand taking this journey can require a lot from you, but just remember, it is one of the most important journeys you will ever take, and we want to help make it the best one.


Our hope is for women to embrace the power they have to positively influence their families and communities to live well.