Cold Massage Roller


Recoup Fitness Cold Massage Roller Ball – 6 Hours of Cold Therapy Relief – Massage Muscles – Great for Recovery – Stainless Steel – Muscle Recovery

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Product Description

The massage roller ball functions like an icepack. It reduces your metabolic rate and the release of lactic acid that causes pain in the muscles. The non-toxic gel in the rolling sphere can stay cold for about six hours after a night in the freezer. Its easy-to-grip base handle makes it simple to control while its compact size makes it easy for you to target the soreness and knots in your muscles from the arches of your feet to the legs, arms, back and shoulders. Use the roller ball after workouts to relieve strain or inflammation by massaging it over your muscles. You can free roll it or use it with the specially designed rubber grip to protect your hands from getting cold. Our massage roller ball will soothe your sore muscles and also improve your recovery routine at home.

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