We are super excited to roll out FIT & NU™’s very first member-led initiative! #IssaBookClub! Join Member, Tammy F. in peeling back the many layers of “The Chubby Church” every Saturday, beginning June 8th.

About The Chubby Church:

In a loving tone with humorous personal stories, practical strategies and well-researched insights,The CHUBBY CHURCH is sure to help you go boldly toward weight and eating freedom!

You’ll learn:

  • How to Habitize Body Stewardship to motivate healthy habits for life
  • Why we overeat in what Jendayi calls Grubbology
  • Why we’re super scared to drop our chubby suits in Chubbology
  • How to replace a dieter’s mindset with a Freedom MIndset to end on and off again dieting behaviors
  • The Emotional Fitness Workout so you can prevent emotional eating
  • And How to Supersize Your Power Source to gain weight and eating from a spiritual perspective

As you can tell – this book helps not only the BODY WORK, but the SOUL WORK and SPIRIT WORK needed for greater victory in life and health.