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We’ve got recipes! As a member of the FIT & NU family, you now have access to 40+ brand new recipes each month. We are so excited to release your first recipe pack. Enjoy a ton of Plant-Based recipes for all meals including snack and dessert! Click here to download.

Because we are quarantined and all – we felt this would be the best time to get in the kitchen and form some new meal-time habits. Your NU Coach will be checking in with you on practical ways to enjoy the recipes and follow your personalized eating guide at the same time.


Come and discover exciting solutions for your health, beauty and fashion needs by a dynamic group of experts!

You and your friends will have fun learning new and unique ways to feel and look your best with an engaging and friendly approach.

Rhoda Johnson is a certified Image Consultant and Founder of Rhoda Design Group. She is passionate about guiding women into an authentic and successful personal brand with Trademarked beauty products and services. Contact her today for your free Image Analysis

Jaketa Rowe, the Owner of Filetta’s Couture Boutique, empowers women to look and feel elegant with unique fashion; stop by or schedule a personalized fashion consultation at

Brittney Rae Reese is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Co-Founder of FIT & NU. She is devoted to inspiring women to enhance their physical and mental strengths through an active lifestyle and a better understanding of fitness for the ever-changing female body. Sign up for your free consultation with FIT coach, Brittney Rae today at

Joslyn Hopkins is a certified Holistic Health Coach, National Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach and Co-Founder of FIT & NU. Joslyn’s goal is to unveil the influences of our love affair with food by exploring imbalances with career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity. Sign up for your free consultation with NU Coach, Joslyn today at

Refreshments and your transformation await you! Space is limited, so register TODAY!

We look forward to supporting your vision for optimal health, beauty, and fashion,

Rhoda, Jaketa, Brittney Rae and Joslyn